What is your email address?

You'll be designated as the requester, and will receive all communication/questions about this new user. You can add someone else's email here if you like. This must be your work email address.
What is the new starters full name?

Remember, this will be tricky to change, so please double check the spelling
When are they starting?

What is their job title?

e.g. Vice President of Product Awesomeness
What computer should they use?

Which existing computer?

Ideally provide the asset number or just describe it, e.g. "Anna's Old MacBook Pro"
And is the machine ready for us to set up now? *

i.e. has the new machine arrived, or has the previous user finished with it already?
OK, when will it be ready?

Thanks, and is there anything else we should keep in mind for this new starter.

Any non standard software, or cloud applications they need? Should their email address be different from the standard format? Any email aliases we should create? Feel free to brain dump: the more information the better!
Thank you. We have recieved your request and will be in touch to arrange your new starters onboarding.
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